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The story of Kindred Chocolate
Hi! I am Sandra Barber and welcome to Kindred Chocolate’s page. A little back story on me: I am a recent breast and ovarian cancer survivor. At the time of my breast cancer diagnosis I was told no more soy in my diet. My reaction “no problem” but then I was told to check all labels because I would be surprised by what all has soy in it. And indeed I was surprised. But, NO NO NO HORRORS OF HORRORS, it’s in my chocolate. No,… it was in ALL the chocolates I buy. I felt in this day and age of food allergies surely somebody makes soy free chocolate. I found it and was not impressed and I was even disgusted (this is so not happening). What I found in the market was dry, chalky and excessively gritty.  OK, so with my science background and my love of cooking, maybe this will not be that hard to make from scratch. LOL. I am still laughing at my naivete.
I call this Kindred Chocolate for several reasons: 1) I am developing this chocolate for myself and other kindred-spirits who truly have a passion in heart and soul for good chocolate; 2) In order to develop this I had to become kindred to what is chocolate and what makes it what it is and how do I get what I want from it; 3) As I share this process and product with family and friends I have gotten to see into the common passion for this humble little bean. 

I have spent two years creating soy-free dark chocolate.  My goal when I started was to make rich, smooth and creamy chocolate from fair trade organic beans and without unhealthy fillers for people with food allergies.  There are many people who cannot have soy in their diets due to food allergies or because they have a hormone receptor + cancer.   I have noticed a growing trend of people being told they have food allergies(about 4 or 5% of the population). I also have noticed more companies offering allergen free food sources.  So while I was going soy free I decided to dedicate the space to being free of all of the most common food allergens.  90% of all food allergens are the result of eight foods: gluten, soy, milk, peanut, tree nuts, eggs, fish and shellfish(although I shudder to think of fish or shellfish in chocolate).  Since corn and potato are two other sources that seem to be growing in concern I have also included them in my list of never in my chocolate. 

Back to what is in my chocolate.  Fair trade organic beans, sugar (looking to go organic here as well), natural cocoa butter, non-soy lecithin and  fresh ground vanilla beans.   My focus is to bring to you only the finest chocolate that it is possible to make.

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  1. Jeaninne Wagner December 17, 2014 at 6:39 pm Permalink

    I received a 75% Cocoa chocolate bar as a gift last night and although I don’t normally eat chocolate above 60%, I really enjoyed it. But most of all I want to say Congratulations for beating cancer and starting your company as a result! Best wishes to you Sandra!

  2. sandrakindred January 5, 2015 at 1:14 pm Permalink

    Hi Jeaninne: I’m glad you liked the chocolate. I’m sorry I did not reply sooner but your message was buried in with a bunch of spam.
    If you like less cocoa i do make a 62% bar that would be more what you are use to eating. if you are local to Durham, NC you can pick the chocolate up locally and save shipping cost. Contact me directly of more information use the contact us page of this website or ask the person who gve you the bar.
    Thanks for your comments.

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